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tv   Newsline  PBS  November 13, 2013 8:30pm-9:01pm PST

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goal. so we have ever increasing virtual currency be used for kids ever increasing in value tracks of plants what could possibly go wrong. that doesn't pronounce on same . see back there. you can. i know. all that well continue to climb it. there's a november fourteen and catherine comanche and tokyo this just coming into the us investors in japan have received but said the report card on economics baby watching crime is fishing so that it tends to turn the economy of rounds. just found out that growth is slowing. the cabinet office announcing that domestic product grew in the july to september period for
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the fourth consecutive quarter in bairnsdale point five percent in real time static leads to an annual gain of one point nine percent. now investors are busy trying to figure out what all of this means i itchy now we'll have more pride than a few minutes on the world business report. we put isn't changing areas of the philippines devastated by typhoon high and the load of age but many are finding they can't distribute the supplies the storm last friday cut communications and cut out bread and teams had been unable to get into some remote areas. authorities have confirmed the deaths of more than two thousand three hundred people. officials with the national disaster management agency said more than five hundred bodies had been found in a single day they say they expect to find more victims. united nations officials say that i've been left more than half a million people homeless the philippine government awarded more than thirteen thousand soldiers police and other personnel to head to
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the worst hit areas the storm hit more than seven thousand communities and the teams did not have enough vehicles to get where they need to know. early wickets from abroad are running into similar problems many of them had the non able to get through those long winded three and son can find in the field to get all round. very surprised at hiring out that air and sea ports and to my first losing patience. an hq a shiny new vazquez has more on the situation on the links and ads. the reporters are by and visit the deal were more interesting. on wednesday full match with the efforts have yet to be doing here circuit city is in you about seven thousand five hundred rooms i'm going to try the local people were forced to shelter them to lean on your plastic sheet
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the power supply has been caught. when night falls asleep in his impeachment meeting people even more actions cq to the globe and in north eastern tibet continues to deteriorate the security forces on wednesday stepped up efforts to stop looters. desperate messages are converging on the airport. one of the week he leaves to the outside world. survivors when you buy pre opportunity to escape the aisle. the eye. all the houses are gone. now it's over powering. too many dead bodies to not get it prisoners have escaped me they had been appointed week coombs team rocked. it's too much. in the cumin in a hearing of the bloggers know watch this story. yet even here the leaking air forces using one aircraft to transport local people
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the kiddos taking kerry is one hundred twenty people creepy. of course though we did get the people out of your presence even when dead and they are elderly and children. nietzsche hospital has been set up after your point on the cheek to say and dean june. hundreds of people are routine and my preaching when he seems to fourteen c to find me. but it remains to this day to be honest there is little chance that the cauldron more human hearing. the series of crises is mounting and the need for help. it stinks. jermaine beal conscience. in each ear me and i. as we reported earlier japan's growth is slowing. i knew she had turned just now from business and said tell us the aisle what's behind the deceleration really makes you wonder how cannot because domestically people are buying more of homes
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the people in construction they're very busy rebuilding the tsunami hit areas of the real thing is that exports other parts of asia have been sluggish. nice to know the economy grew in the july september period of the fourth consecutive quarter of growth but the pace has slowed down the cabinet office said its gross domestic product rose zero point five percent in real terms in the quarter that translates to an annualized growth of one point nine percent economies elsewhere in asia last sixteen and exports dropped zero point six percent auto makers for example are but thee are some positive signs those works projects shot up six and a half percent the government is spending more and more on the reconstruction in northeastern japan and other projects and investment in housing soared two point seven percent. the us central bank chief nominee jenny yell and has signal to investors
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that the federal reserve will continue its monetary easing under her watch. the fed vice chair released remarks she's prepared for her confirmation hearing on thursday at the senate banking committee the allen says the us economy is significantly stronger and continues to improve. she notes that unemployment is still high she said the central bank is using monetary policy tools to support a more robust economy. guillen says a strong recovery will ultimately enable the fed to reduce its a commentator but none on monetary policy. a closer look at how my kids here are opening after those headlines that could remain on guard standing by at the tokyo stock exchange. i mean good morning not quite alot of things to focus on not actually the dow jones hit a record high overnight and investors also have to yell and scream why extend japan's gdp to digest cardstock the opening. yet
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while apprentice is taking on very good morning to you. and dun read the gdp data there are showing a slightly slower growth than expected. look into how the stalks are opening for november for teens and both indexes well into the positive than fourteen thousand seven hundred and five right now for the nikkei on images for one euro zone however to the indicated and inundated yesterday as investors largely took profits after the large gains we saw earlier in the week ahead and head of the tia gdp did of course the views are from a chair and auntie janet gallon that we've been covering of course and as the state. she seems in no rush to scale down the cart up on buying program. in the us the expectation of course for the fed to maintain its own monetary stimulus. for some time has led stocks higher and we're seeing the same here in japan will see that continues today. gov also been covering of course some things this week. and to other people is of course i
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would get a seat of the rings the release for its peace ufj financial group enemies of all financial group later today. we already heard from the sumitomo mitsui financial group reported earnings earlier this week due to strong performance from its brokerage unit and that's the point of the rise of the scene of the decade so far on. i mean we saw from volatility in the dollar before and after yell and pentax was released when me and now here in tokyo the output so that little bit of a joke i untied and moved lower as well as decent living on top of right now ninety nine put twenty four to twenty seven in actually fell after jenna gallons testimony was released in investors noted. she would uphold the current bond buying program meaning more cash in the system for the time being. hence the drop in the value of color. let's have a look at the euro yen hundred and thirty three points. excuse me seventy nine twenty three year also saw a little bit of volatility and that's because comments from ecb official about the direction of rates
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going well or even negative i led investors to start selling a single car seat. it did however pounds move but after that initial reaction not today we're also gonna have a gdp data across the eurozone and specifically germany thus can be a big focus is well one of the strongest economies in the eurozone and the other gdp data from other eurozone economies as well as the eurozone why. gdp figure as well so they focused and on growth in the eurozone economy we'll see how that affects the currency markets as well. i thank you card or anything fill up with an update that was for me nice card from the tokyo stock exchange and the forest in the business corner for this hour i will leave you with a check on the market. it is
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he didn't seem to leave for the past three months under a state of emergency meeting forced to abide by a nightly curfew. the country's military leaders say they'll return to the way things work the general term in former president mohammad morrissey from power in july. his supporters protested almost every day demanding that he be reinstated to security forces cracked down and in august. the generals in case the state of emergency and the curfew. state media says both measures two and later on thursday. one sees be held in prison on charges he could build the murders of the demonstrators protested against them. message to his own leaders yet he leaned on
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it and they've got a long time egypt or never recover so everything that happened because of the screw goes away and you can get even one twenty am. was his supporters continue to stage protests against attention given that there's little sign of any reconciliation between the two sites. more worrisome to secure the release of global warming the world the logical organization says the two thousand thirteen as the midst of the hottest year on my head. the findings prompted fresh calls to curb global warming. daddy and aunt says the average global temperature in the first nine months of two thousand the team was zero point four eight degrees celsius above the average for the use bt nineteen sixty one and nineteen ninety seven highest since observations began in eighteen fifty six to stall the kind of human activity contributes to greenhouse
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gases would be one way in which. an important milestone to be taken to ensure that she took my meds to nod the ball even more deeply and they head off. the dead and the sense that i've been in the philippines was one of them as intense ever recorded what it is more study the relationship between global warming and tropical sun plants. this is the impact of extreme weather is expected to become more intense. it felt like something from a science fiction and eight the delegates to a un conference on weapons. i set to discuss was taking so called killer robots developmentally use of robotic weapons that operate without human intervention is coming under growing international scrutiny. today un convention on conventional weapons. both died in geneva on thursday ahead of the opening a group representing forty four and jen's met with officials from the participating countries
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armed robotic weapons should not make a life and death decisions on the battlefield that this is just inherently wrong. it's a new set just a new weapon but a new method of warfare this and other activists called for a total ban on killer robots the new the years and that she meant ninety nuclear plants are still in the early stages of the de commissioning good and its reactors and besides it being unable to directly examined every act is due to hazardous levels of radiation but in robot was able to get close enough to discover two cooling water leaks in one of the containment vessels meltdown to care that reactors that one too and the rain falling to two thousand and eleven earthquake and tsunami and
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genius want to know exactly how the reactors were damaged in order to deal with korean wondered leeks and bacon prepared to permit the melted feel inside. the robots can run shows cooling water leaking from two locations at the number one reactor containment vessel. again i take are a county officials say they think this is a result of nearby damage saturday was a fly in today the second official said that one of the leaks was like water flowing from attack. the robot also detected very high levels of radiation around the area another difficult operation is set to start at the fish in the clouds kept and zinnias are preparing to remove more than one thousand units of spent fuel rods from the reactor for building which was damaged in a hydrogen excursion the reactor itself was not damaged. it reinforced
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the building structure extract the extremely hot and highly radioactive spent fuel will take time and effort on debut. you watched any keywords you accept that a lot explains the procedures and challenges fan fan fan the cruise we used a specially built crane to remove the fuel rods from the old holding rocks. then there would be inserted into special containers. the grey must do its work under the wall to the seals in radiation. the next step is to transfer the containers to a safer stories a silky of the plan. tokyo electric power company operates the plant amanda says the walker is now ready to begin. you'll have to look at the same operation has been conducted more than one thousand two hundred times at
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nuclear plants including other facilities. when not trying anything new experience workers will do what they have been doing for years. we will certainly take the utmost care. as we proceed. but the current work is very different from previous removal airports because the crippled reactors are high in the radioactive. gosling he says. go must take that as a cushion. for me. this time they have to wear gloves and over rolls. he wouldn't be asked to consider how this might impact work efficiency but the workers have done plenty of training. and their experience. i'll stop. there are other potential risks the team must lift its
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container of fuel rods. about thirty meters off the ground uk out of the pool engineers have to go have contacted computer simulations to see what would happen if the current nfl clean the teeth of the line he owns doing it. we've doubled the wider islamic regime. so it's unlikely that the container will fall off we'll be very careful. so we believe it's unlikely to happen. by the minister container control. our simulation shows they wouldn't be a serious problem an outside expert who has rebuked of compliance as the company has done a lot of preparation. the key steel sides some concerns. he knew who that might be fragments of debris stuck between
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the fuel road units. and the holding read this. that could force them to be on racial will all lead to something even more serious donald also says. care must be taken to ensure the walkers are not in danger who knew. i was an all day must be extremely careful to make sure the workers radiation exposure doesn't exceed the safety limit the challenge will be training in keeping skilled workers. of course you can go to college. officials estimate that they will take about five years to get all of the few rounds out a reactor number four. but that's just the beginning for christmas also removed fuel rods of three other reactive buildings additionally bubbles of those reactors are even higher. making a good job
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even want to go. you would choke up the road. it is here world. the laundry calling it the sea of japan paris has seen the industry come back to life. an earthquake nine years he carried the sea at night though i nearly went down their livelihoods of many breeders have to cut it and they're celebrating of return. she did get up to now go to fiji. the new law is the traditional birthplace of corny. it has been to meet your producer for two hundred years. recently the breeders were preparing for competition here. she did that. she gets ten in conference play. this just reminds him of how much this district has become her from the disaster. they need to
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link the earthquake struck nine years ago. it was a major setback for quick rumors. off the green pumpkin began to push the area were destroyed in eighteen forty were locked. the moms got to fly thousand. you want to go to the pond in my home or destroyed. it was enough to make me weak. i've tried to spawn and has a mix well he was living in temporary housing. it took two years but he could feed it. for ten and that this meant a new beginning. hope that his employee would help in winning the first try
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the moon while would you be he started out as prizes just five millimeters learned a lot. the screw into more than eighteen nineteen years more than tanaka had hoped for she was sure the fish weren't big enough to contend for top prize i want lots of people to see the corn. you need to be great if everyone thought they were beautiful in october. the fifty eighth annual competition took place japanese freighter six force roughly seventy percent of their calling. the one from the non pushy our world famous. though a judge as from around the world were keen to see how well the local point breeding industry had to cover. she'll
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give the place that didn't so much cry. the judges carefully examined each dish its shape and coloring i want nemo. what you want to first tried it. judges priest that is where there's die experience. and right in that color. every hurt and resentment from him. we did get through pretty well played twenty kilos so many clothes. it's quite tiring my rule is stupid even more effort stitch. i want them to be the very best in japan. i will keep racing cory and found an ad whole
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enterprise. i just find that his district is back on its feet. an average guy on the weather a storm is heading toward vietnam of mine sure she gets her for details inn wild weather. yes that's really our money chain to start assist and ran over to the south china sea that what water is still very warm so they could intensify unlike the make landfall over central vietnam by friday and started to affect the on coastal areas with stormy weather starting tonight with drenching amounts of rain could exceed as much as the two hundred in enemy try some on the coaster nation's highways very messy conditions and time spinners all could well become a consultant for coastal flooding so the risk is very high here. taurus the philippines. it's getting down and the system is winding down and the showers will be on the lighter side to this that i didn't use that you can peel them another topical haiku development over the bay of
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bengal so over the sub continent and here in india i got to look back to find but it couldn't get become more oriented to become a deep depression as it has over to northern attorney and then do it could make landfall of raw in and around ditch and nine buying up friday or even fatter again sake of an ideal start to see the stormy conditions very rough sea conditions as well as the head the rain to pound the region so we look like they have to monitor this very closely as well ah choy said. and when peer pressure pattern is very much winding down as we have a high pressure system that covers the area but left when thinking of advocating radiation cooling. it's like breathing. also bringing a lot of snow to be factors such as the only things that i knew yesterday me and at cramming up of the many centimeters of snow fall. on top of that. just this morning at less than fifty centimeters of august already starting to fall here and have avalanche i'm fine taste here because coming up of
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that fresh snow in a very short time could result in at lunch. but on the high pressure system will bring its sunny skies across much of the area during the daytime so let's enjoy it while we can because we have been fifteen living in nc can see it's raining all day i crossed paths when weather will be starting this evening across much of this country tokyo on the reaching of fourteen degrees for the highway a bit partly sunny. and it allowed the torrent of freezing point three a hike on a different story here in manila thirty one degrees with the funding streams. not to the european continent were still talking about this system england crisis in other areas it to me in the bulletins most of the hemorrhage with some severe thunderstorms however finally tapering down and landing now. but another round of wet weather will be moving into it to me on thursday and associated come from that at ninety two low pressure system and the creaking thunderstorms across france the low countries and germany. paris you're looking at the mosque thunderstorms are forecast at
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ten degrees on for only five degrees can get very stormy across norway into friday and quickly carry and americans are still talking about that show still that's dominating the eastern half of the continent. in fact in new york record low with high was recorded in central park which was only three point eight degrees since nineteen seventy seven. this high pressure system will abandon the sinking down twice to stop the warmer air will be fun filling in so hard for the weekend unlikely to see the temperatures rising but still the making and freezing point and the answer is only at sixteen degrees for the bill but the hike they're still reaching the mid summer range at twenty each to be putting everything in protest. i am to noon. i do. it is that is
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also a disposition of these eye catching comanche and can get. do. the worst choice and
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